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Tobey in the house!


SATURDAY, JAN. 2, 2016

Tobey reporting this time. Um, how shall I start. My name is Tobey. It’s spelled with an “e” in it, just like that dude who played Spider-man. I’m currently 6 years old and my birthday is November 25. Some people say I am very attractive, others think I’m waiting for the mothership to land and take me back home. I think I look like a pug. Most all pugs look alike. We are adorable. My favorite things to do are, eat, sleep, play with my toys, chew on a hard bone, play with Cooper when he’s not chasing a ball, and barking at anything that flies, this includes: birds, airplanes, helicopters, blimps, butterflies and UFO’s. My other favorite thing to do is eat. Did I mention that I like to eat? I’ll eat¬†pretty much anything (except lettuce (undressed of course), most vegetables, and blueberries (they taste like dirt to me). When I’m not eating, I’m usually thinking about when I’ll be eating again, and hopefully it will be soon. That’s all for now… I’m hungry. I’m going to go see if there is anything left in my bowl.


Welcome to our Dog Blog!


Cooper here, reporting to the dog blog. Tobey is probably somewhere napping (or “resting up for dinner”, as he calls it) so I’ll be adding our first blog entry. Please excuse the typos as my paws are a bit too big for this tiny keyboard.

People are always asking me “Hey Coop, what’s your breed? and saying things like ” You’re so handsome you should be cloned”. Truth is, I don’t know my exact breed because I’m a shelter dog. But hey, we shelter dogs are much more than just a bunch of mutts. Lots of shelters have purebreds and fancy hybrid breeds. And we’re all looking for a loving home, preferably one with a Do-It-Yourselfer (because we’re loyal and we’re pretty good with a tape measure.) You can keep the power tools to yourself, but if you need us to give you moral support or bark when the UPS guy arrives, then you can count on us.

There are literally thousands of shelter pets that need to be adopted today!

Here’s just a few pictures of the cuddly creatures ready for adoption in Los Angeles. Or click this link to find pets in your city.